Purpose of Proverbs Translation

The writings of Swedenborg can be pithy and difficult to read in our age. They were originally written in Latin. What I have done here is reflect on sentences and attempt to boil their meaning down into easily understandable "proverbs".

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Links to Other Blogs


This is my simpler modern English re-write of half of the Christian mystic Emmanuel Swedenborg's book Divine Providence. His complicated older English style paragraphs are condensed into a moreso proverbs-like expression.


These are some tips on how to use several social networking websites.


This is an action plan for promoting business websites to make sales in three social networking community websites: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

This is a larger blog teaching quite a few detailed Google skills:  Little-known details skills, Google Chrome web browser, Google Maps, Google Earth Free, Google News, Picasa photos utility, Gmail, Google Notebook, Blogger.com, Google Documents, etc.

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