Purpose of Proverbs Translation

The writings of Swedenborg can be pithy and difficult to read in our age. They were originally written in Latin. What I have done here is reflect on sentences and attempt to boil their meaning down into easily understandable "proverbs".

Friday, February 4, 2011

1 Selected Divine Providence book citations by Emanuel Swedenborg simplified into proverbs

Selected Divine Providence book citations which are reformatted in Proverbs-like form and updated a little to more current phraseology by Elbert Smith  November 8, 2008...

“Chance” and “Coincidence” are empty words. DP 70

It is integral that we act from freedom, and in accord with reason. DP 72

We have a capacity for disciplined thought. DP 73

Freedom is a matter of love. DP 73

People who think that evils are sins and therefore do not want to do them turn toward the Lord. DP 73

Reality needs manifestation and substance needs form for them to have any attributes. DP 74

There is nothing in the physical world that is not connected to the spiritual world. DP 74

We are able to think about our thinking from a higher level. DP 75

If we do not want to understand anything except what has to do with this world and its nature, if we do not want to understand what is good and true on moral and spiritual levels, we can not rise from knowledge into intelligence, let alone from intelligence into wisdom, because we have blocked off these abilities. DP 75

We rationality and freedom uncovered and brought to light, abstaining from our inner evils we turn toward good acts the way one friend turns to another. DP 77

There’s no “who we are”. Everything good that we do freely, in keepinjg with reason is not ours but the Lord’s within us. DP 78

If we repent the good behavior then takes its place in the center and moves the evil toward the periphery. DP 79

Nothing that we simply think about becomes part of us unless we actually would do it if the opportunity arose. DP 80

Don’t believe that some particular evil is permissible and relax the inner restraint against it so that you are kept from doing it only by outward restraints , which are fears. DP 8l
You have to know what love and thoughtful living are to know what faith really is. DP 82
If in our thinking we justify the pleasures of love for evil desires we are insane. DP 83
When we don’t think about subconscious impulses to do evils (which can be controlled by fears), we think these external forms of worship will save us: Pouring out prayers, listen to sermons, taking communion, giving to the poor, helping the needy, contributing to churches, supporting hospices, etc. DP 84

For evil-oriented people the peripheral good is corrupted by the central evils, and for good-oriented people the peripheral evil is mitigated by the central goodness. DP 86

Evil can be justified just the way good can but only by use of deceptive appearances. Then it’s taken as certainties becoming what we call falsities which will seem reasonable. DP 87

God is sometimes called “Ability Itself” and “the One”. DP 88

Hypocrites and flatters’ outer intentions are free because they come from a desire to appear other than they really are. DP89

Acknowledging the Lord from wisdom comes from a belief system. Acknowledging the Lord from love comes from living by said belief system. EP 91

Someone who accepts spiritual beliefs but rejects the challenging of living by them is like an acquaintance with whom one can chat cordially but whom actually is an enemy that hates you. DP 91

How can both people who teach the truth and live well be saved as well as those who teach the truth and live evil lives? DP 91

Love wants to be loved. To the extent that it is loved in return, it is filled with pleasure. DP 92

When the Lord draws near you don’t back off. DP 92

Be a do-gooder and a truth-teller. DP92

Find pleasure and bliss in what is good. DP 93

When pleasure in evil is felt as good, that is hell. DP 93

Turning to God during our lives is nothing but abstaining from evils as sins. DP 93

What’s loving our neighbor as ourselves? It’s simply not dealing dishonestly or unfairly with them, nor harboring hatred or burning with revenge against them of course. It’s not speaking ill of them or slandering them, nor coming adultery with their spouse, etc. DP 94

Don’t do violence to the Word which is the Lord. Don’t do violence to holy practices or to any soul whatever. This is loving the Lord above all. DP 94

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