Purpose of Proverbs Translation

The writings of Swedenborg can be pithy and difficult to read in our age. They were originally written in Latin. What I have done here is reflect on sentences and attempt to boil their meaning down into easily understandable "proverbs".

Friday, February 4, 2011

6 Citations from Divine Providence book by Emanuel Swedenborg simplified into proberbs

Three kinds of visions:  1. Divine visions are portrayals in heaven, 2. Demonic visions are magical events in hell, 3.  Imaginary visions are illusions of a lost mind.  D.P. 134a

Visions are not in the body but in the spirit.  Not while we are physically awake.  D.P. 134a

John was in the vision of the spirit when he wrote the Book of Revelation.  D.P. 134a

Visions are visible from heaven to the sight of your spirit and not to your physical sight.  D.P. 134a

It was foretold in Daniel 9:24 that visions would stop when the Lord came into the world.  D.P. 134a

Demonic visions are by spirits who inspire deceptive passions and visions.  D.P. 134a

Conversations with the dead may end up releasing pent-up evils erupting in blasphemy and profanation.  D.P. 134b

When we are allowed to talk with spirits (rarely with angels of heaven), they talk with us in our own everyday language and use only a few words.  D.P. 135

Good spirits never take away our freedom to think rationally; and they do not teach, either.  D.P. 135

Only the Lord teaches us and through the Word, (when we are enlightened).  D.P. 135

Swedenborg had been talking with spirits and angels for many years.  D.P. 135

The Lord was constantly before Swedenborg’s eyes as the sun in which he dwells, just as he is for angels.  D.P. 135

There are many things that we sense to be true upon hearing them, simply because they are true.  D.P. 136

Truths not supported by rational considerations can be undermined by arguments bassed on deceptive appearances and eventually denied.  D.P. 136

Can anyone be forced to believe and to love?  D.P. 136

Nor can we be forced to think what we do not think.  D.P. 136

We can be forced not to speak maliciously against earthly authority, everyday customs, the holy values of the church.  D.P. 136

These are compelled by threats and punishments.  D.P. 136

This inner level can be called our animal inner nature.  Our human inner nature dwells on a higher level and cannot be thus compelled.  D.P. 136


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